Patricia Orpilla is a visual artist who creates paintings, prints, textiles, and installations. She also works heavily with poetry and research as a part of her studio practice. She is currently a painting/printmaking 2022 M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Art. She holds a B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute with a double major in Painting and Creative Writing. Her work explores a range of elements from light, surface, and space and the psychological experiences that these elements can represent. Her research translates into text and representations of architecture and time. Her recent research is on religious texts, memoirs, maps, and architectural plans specific to sites in the Kansas City, MO region of the U.S. and Manila, Philippines. Her work is interested in how sociological conditions manifest historically and psychologically. Using sociology as a lens, her research explores familial lineage, the circulation of language, and manufacturing economies.

Prior to relocating to New Haven, CT, Patricia was working in Kansas City, MO. She collaborated with animator, Daniel Chase, which culminated into a 2018 exhibition titled Resonant Frequency: “I” As Numerous Shifts at Front/Space, where she was given the ability to interact with intentional light and movement in the animations. She had a solo exhibition in 2019, titled Pillars, at Kiosk Gallery where she exhibited sculptural paintings. Her work has been shown in Kansas City, MO at Kiosk Gallery, Front/Space, Beggar's Table, Vulpes Bastille, Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Strata Architecture, H&R Block Artspace, in Warren, RI at Paperback Gallery and Brooklyn, NY at AICAD Studios. She currently lives and works in New Haven, CT. 


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