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Artist's Writings and Publications

Publications of Artist's Work

2018, Visual work included in Likewise, Issue No. 2 (WEB)

2019, "Woven, Open Enough to take Nails" (PDF)

2019, Informality, "The Speed of Color in Warren Rosser's Unexpected Consequences" (WEB)

2018, Visual work included in Sprung Formal, Issue 13, pg. 45 (WEB)

2016, Young Space, "Interview with Patricia Graham (Orpilla)" (WEB)

2018, Likewise, Issue No. 2,  “After Alter: Art Space” ​(WEB)

2015, Visual work included in Bear Review, Vol. 2 Issue 1, pg. 9, 18, 27, 32 (WEB)

2018, Informality, "6/6 (m) or 20/20 (ft) vision: A Conversation with William Plummer" (WEB)

2018, Foreward, iDREAM OF CHING (WEB)

2015, Temporary Art Review, "50/50: An Interview with Cambria Potter and Hannah Lodwick" (WEB)

2015, "A Prisoner's Negotiation" (PDF)

2014, Mapping the City, "Dia:Beacon" (WEB

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